Absolution Progression
American Repertory Theatre, 2002
Montage of Absolution soundscape. I integrated script imagery in scene transitions to tell the backstory of three friends reuniting to reexamine a past event.
Dressed Up!
2001 (world premiere)
From the score montage of Leslie Dillen’s Dressed Up!. I created the soundscape alongside a recording of Leslie reading her play about the transformative power of clothing. The drum pattern was created from performances by Leslie and myself, and formed the basis of the score.
Enrico IV - War and Debauch
American Repertory Theatre, 2001
These were composite mixes using musical and found-percussion improvisations by the actors. Vocal and string improvisations by David Patrick Kelly and Sean Haberle.
Only You
Efron Entertainment, 1997
I created transitions by rhythmically exploiting script imagery to establish a coffee shop and subway travel invoking a jazz rhythm to accompany one character’s description of “the perfect party.”
Sideways Stories from Wayside School Finale
Emerson Stage, 2005
This children’s theatre show requires the Wayside students to learn to “play” made-up musical instruments. Using the non-functional props as inspiration, I created each instrument’s sound by combining obscure instruments with noise and found objects. Listen for the party favor horn as part of one of the solos.
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