Three Farces and a Funeral
American Repertory Theatre
Yuri Yeremin, director
December, 2000
American Repertory Theatre
François Rochaix, director
November, 2000
American Repertory Theatre
Marcus Stern, director
October, 2000 (world premiere)
also at
New York Theatre Workshop, April, 2001
Far East
Martha's Vineyard Playhouse
Joann Green Breuer, director
July, 2000
Deus ex Machina
Snappy Dance Theater Company
Martha Mason, director/choreographer
June, 1999 (world premiere)
Concord Academy Dance Company
Richard Colton, choreographer
March, 1999
also at
Teatro Rasi, Ravenna, Italy, Summer, 1999
How I Learned to Drive
American Repertory Theatre
David Wheeler, director
September, 1998
Town Hall, Arlington, MA
Lorraine Chapman, choreographer/producer
October, 1997 (world premiere)
Only You
Efron Entertainment, NYC
Harry Carnahan, director
July, 1997
Man and Superman
American Repertory Theatre
David Wheeler, director
May, 1997
The Tragedians
Afternoon with the Arts, Concord, MA
Lorraine Chapman, choreographer
May, 1996 (world premiere)
also at The Dance Complex, June, 1996
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